NOTE: this first www4mail server is not longer supported (Jan 2008); thought this old server is up and running. We thank you for having used it for so many years (since 1998). We shall keep these pages on-line for historical reasons.

Web Navigation & Database Search by E-Mail
(www4mail - The Next Generation)

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www4mail is an open source application, that allows you to navigate off-line and search the whole Internet via electronic mail (e-mail) by using any standard Web browser and a MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Exchange) aware e-mail program. E-mail messages sent to www4mail servers get automatically passed to your e-mail agent when you select (one or more) buttons that link to other Web documents within a requested Web page. There are many options available for user quota statistics, e-mail uuencoding reply, etc. A few of these are described in the USERs Manual.

Frequently Asked Questions (for Users):
  What is www4mail?
  How to use www4mail?
  Asking for Further On-line Help
  Receiving Web documents as e-mail attachment
  Receiving Web documents in the body of a message
  Dealing with Frames
  Typing Long URLs 
  Automatic Splitting of Messages
  Message Splitting Upon Request
  Retrieving Any Part of a Split Message
  UUENCODING Messages 
  Retrieving Web pages as PostScript or PDF files
  Requesting Password-protected Web/FTP sites 
  www4mail Quota Limits
  www4mail Access Control List (ACL)
  FTP and Binary Files via www4mail
  Special www4mail Options
Updated Information and help on the www4mail service can be retrieved by sending an e-mail

Subject:(... whatever you like)

and writing in the body of the message: help

You can also use any of the strings listed beside and any free server listed in

 help cookies    help denials
 help end        help errors
 help forms      help get
 help getpart    help getps
 help getpdf     help getsize
 help quota      help send
 help source     help split
 help tsource    help xbase
 help xbyjs      help xbypass
 help xcharset   help xclearcookies
 help xdelayjob  help xdeletejob
 help xdocinfo   help xdisablecookies
 help xform      help xextraopt
 help xget       help xformreply 
 help ximage     help xjsdump
 help xloadimg   help xlanguage 
 help xloadurl   help xmime
 help xmylang    help xmultimime
 help xmyquota   help xnoautozip
 help xnoframe   help xnocookies
 help xnostat    help xnoscript
 help xsource    help xseparate 
 help xurlcode   help xsubmit_now
 help xusepost   help xsubmit_on
 help xuseqp     help xuudeview
 help xuuencode


Articles mentioning www4mail:
The www4mail project was one of the finalists in The Stockholm Challenge Award 2000 - Out of 613 projects from 84 different countries that entered the Challenge.
www4mail Seminars

The www4mail code is being developed and mantained by C. Onime in collaboration with E. Canessa.

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